Scribe Services Reno, NV
Employment Opportunities

A medical scribe is an ideal job for college students who are interested in pursuing a medical career.


  You will be able to:


      - Improve your medical knowledge


      - Gain real world experience


      - Develop clinical skills


      - Make contacts and establish relationships with medical professionals who can

        serve as mentors and become references as you pursue your career

Full-Time Medical Scribe 

How do I prepare to become a scribe?

       - Study Medical Terminology - Study Sheet

       - Increase Your Keyboarding Speed - Typing Test

       - Practice Listening and Typing - Listen and Write

"Scribing has helped me realize and reinforce frequently that my passion lies in medicine by granting me the opportunity to work alongside wonderful physicians whom I aspire to be as great as one day."  

- First year Medical Scribe

"Scribing has allowed me invaluable insight into the field of emergency medicine while challenging me to expand my medical terminology knowledge and learn from the area's best physicians. The physicians are always willing to teach, and I have learned so much during my time not only about emergency medicine and its related procedures, but also about being a physician in a constantly stimulating and challenging environment."

- Second year Medical Scribe

"I love how much we get to learn when we scribe, the doctors go out of their way to teach and I feel so much more prepared for a future health career!"

- First year Medical Scribe

Scribe Services Reno, NV
Scribe Services Reno, NV