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Our Services
Medical Team

Sierra Medical Support is northern Nevada's only medical scribe management provider. Our team is dedicated to providing superior services.


We will:


          - Collaborate with your team to customize a medical-scribe program that suits your needs by analyzing

             your practice workflow and defining your objectives


          - Recruit, hire, train, certify, and place medical scribes


          - Manage medical scribe scheduling to ensure appropriate coverage of all contracted hours


          - Monitor the job performance of our scribes which enables us to deliver quality service


          - Stay abreast on the ever-changing government compliance and insurance requirements and adjust

            our training materials accordingly


Medical Scribe Recruitment


  We hire the most talented and reliable undergraduate and postgraduate students who are dedicated to

  serving the healthcare industry. They are thoroughly screened and tested to ensure they meet our

  qualifications and are properly suited for each workplace environment.



Medical Orientation, Training, and Certification


  We handle all phases of the orientation, training, and certification process.


  Our scribes will be trained on:


         - Electronic Medical Record (EMR) implementations

         - Medical documentation and terminology

         - Government compliance

         - Insurance requirements 

         - Facility workflow


  After initial training is completed, our prospective scribes will work alongside certified scribes and

  complete 80 hours of work in a clinical setting.

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